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Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you'll make when planning your wedding. Shopping for a wedding photographer isn�t like selecting outfits and bridal bouquets for one simple reason: you can�t see the pictures you�re buying until after you�ve made your decision. In the end, your decision will be largely a matter of faith. For many, price ends up being the primary determining factor, which doesn't make much sense when you consider that there are no second chances.

Booking a professional photographer

Wedding Photography
- A skilfully photographed wedding album will be one of the most adored and precious items that is kept and loved many years after your wedding day. As well as conveying the emotions, romance and humour of the day, they are a testament to your relationship. Needless to say, such an important part of your lives should be captured by a highly qualified professional wedding photographer.

Remember, it�s not the great camera that takes the photo, it�s the photographer. Although a friend or family member may be a great amateur photographer, they will not have the experience, equipment or knowledge of a professional photographer. Quality wedding photography does not happen by chance. It is created by a specialised professional who has a creative eye and a genuine love of people and wedding photography. Your photographer will also need to co-ordinate the flow of the day, know all the types of shots that need taking and must be able to do all of this in variable weather and sometimes difficult time constraints.

Is wedding photography expensive? - Wedding photography seems like easy money � work for one day and rake in the cash, right? The work of a wedding photographer does not end on the wedding day, preparing the images to be presented to the client and  assembling albums can take more time than one thinks, on average a photographer spends an additional 40 to 60 hours editing images from a single wedding. Most full-time wedding photographers carry over �12,000 worth of wedding gear; add insurance, taxes, software, advertising, albums, repair, shipping, and studio expenses, and many photographers end up making less than minimum wage for the first few years of their career.

Investment - Next time you receive a quote and you think it�s a bit high, before making a decision, take all the above into consideration and try to respect and appreciate the amount of effort they will put into providing you with a high quality product and service. A specialist wedding photographer can provide a fantastic story telling role and will be able to help you before during and after the day. Before you dismiss the thought of using a professional photographer for financial reasons, perhaps look at ways you may be able to afford one. You may be able to re-prioritise the wedding budget, or you could ask guests to provide money towards the photography as a gift.

When considering photographers and their fees it helps to remember you are not paying for merely a photographer�s time on your wedding day, you are paying for many years of commitment which is required to create wonderful images in the handful of hours they will shoot pictures during your wedding day.

How to choose a professional photographer for your wedding day

First things first � you�ll need to decide what style of photography you prefer since wedding photographers� styles vary. You�ll have two basic choice; the Classical look�groups of your friends and family and set up shots of the bride and groom in various locations or the reportage style (also known as photojournalism) which captures your day with images that are mainly candid, not posed and show the atmosphere and mood of the day. This style is growing more and more popular with brides today. Ideally you�ll want to find a photographer that can capture both styles. 

Highly contrived and overly romantic poses seldom succeed. A more casual, contemporary approach to posing usually feels more comfortable to the bride and groom and can be more successful in its final appearance. Some of the most successful wedding photographs are those that reveal the couple as they really are and the nature of their day as it really happened. These images are captured during interactions with each other and with friends and family.

There are several factors that should be considered when selecting a photographer for a wedding. When comparing and interviewing photography companies, one of the most important factors in your decision should be whether the photographer can show you more than one complete wedding and not just a few of the best photographs taken from several weddings. Anyone can snap hundreds of pictures at an all day event and be fairly certain that a small percentage of them will be good. Ask your prospective photographer to see all of the photos from more than one wedding, not just a selection of his best work which is what most photographers will offer.  If you look at all of the images from 3 or 4 complete weddings and you are impressed, then you can be certain that he/she is a professional wedding photographer.

Some large photography companies rely on work from a group of various photographers. Make sure that the photographer you interviewed is the photographer that will be at your wedding. You don�t want to go through the ordeal of interviewing and building up a relationship with your chosen photographer only to find out on the day it�s someone completely different!

Unless this type of company can show you several weddings from each of their photographers and then you get to pick the photographer you want, then we suggest staying right away from them. We recommend searching for a photographer that shoots all of his weddings on his own.

Try and find a photographer with a timeless style - you will want to feel happy with the pictures for many years to come. The photographer shouldn't rely on Photoshop or other retouching software; it should just be used to enhance the natural light in the photographs.

Bruno Medici Photography - FAQs

How long have you been photographing weddings?
I have been a wedding photographer since 1980

Are you the only photographer in this company? If I hire you, will you be the one showing up to shoot my wedding?
I am the sole photographer and prefer to work alone - In the unlikely event of injury or sickness beyond my control I will do my best to provide a qualified photographer with similar style to cover your wedding.

Do you offer traditional and reportage style wedding photography?
Although my style of photography is natural and relaxed for much of the day, I appreciate a small number of formal family photographs will be required. In order to keep the disruption to a minimum, I recommend approximately 6-8 groups, which should take no longer than 20 minutes. However, if you want a more extensive coverage all your needs will be accommodated as efficiently as possible.

How many photographs will you take on the day?
There is no limit to the number of photographs I take - I will take as many pictures as there are opportunities. The quantity might depend on the size of your wedding, the location or the weather.

Do you retouch or enhance the pictures?
Every care is taken to ensure your pictures look amazing. All images are individually balanced for colour, density and contrast. I retouch and enhance all images where I feel necessary. I do not charge extra for this service.

Do we get to keep all the pictures?
You keep all the edited photographs taken on the day

Will you visit the venue before the wedding day?
I do not usually visit the venue before the wedding. Lighting and backgrounds change depending on the time of year and even the time of day, therefore what looks nice several weeks before the wedding might look different on the day. The venue�s websites will often give me plenty of information. However, if our schedules permit we can arrange our meeting at the venue to discuss your wedding arrangements.

Do you charge a fee if the wedding and reception are in more than one location?
There is no charge to attend different locations. I do not charge travel fees, hourly rates or VAT.

Do you work with a second photographer?
I prefer to work alone as I find it easier to blend into the background. Occasionally I may bring an experienced assistant to help with equipment and lighting. In my experience guests become more aware that they are being photographed if there is more than one photographer around which can make them feel quite uncomfortable. However depending upon the size of your wedding and requirements, a second photographer can be provided, at an additional cost.

What kind of cameras do you use?
I use top of the range Canon EOS1 MK lV and 5D MK III digital cameras. These cameras enable me to simultaneously backup all of the images on to a separate memory card, providing added security for digital wedding photos should a memory card fail and I always carry backup equipment

If your packages are not what I am looking for, would you be willing to to customize a package that is within my budget? 
If my packages do not cover your requirements then I can put together a bespoke quote based on your needs and budget.

Do you have public liability and indemnity?
I have a � 50,000 indemnity cover and a �2,000.000 public liability cover

How do we book you?
I will give you a bespoke quotation for your wedding. Once this is approved please complete a booking form and return this with a booking fee  of �300 to secure and validate your day. I receive more enquiries per year than there are days available and this means I am unable to provisionally hold any date without payment of the booking fee. All dates are booked on a first come first served basis.

Asking the right questions will help you to avoid any unwanted surprises on your special day!

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful and time consuming task, but planning properly is essential for a wedding day that will run smoothly. Make a list before the interview, letting the photographer know exactly which pictures you�re after and who you want in those pictures. Especially in the case of a large wedding; make sure your photographer knows exactly who they must get in a shot. If you fail to do this you run the risk of omitting an important family member or friend. You can�t repeat the day or the photos so make these arrangements ahead of time and be sure that your photographer knows the important characters in the event!

If you follow these steps you will be able to enjoy your wedding day, leaving your photographer to his or her own devices to capture wedding images that you�ll cherish forever.

Above all - enjoy yourselves


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