Bruno Medici - CS:GO pro-player

1235 Spur road · London, SW1A 1AA · (44) 303 123 7301 · moc.icidemonurb@onurb

I am a polyvalent player, I can be your lurker, leader, support, second Awp or entry frager.
I live my dream, beeing a semi-profesional Counter Strike Global Offensive player. I also stream every day for about 9 hours on Twitch, to share my experience. My audiance loves to see my progress!

I have played more than 2.100 hours, I train about 9h per day. Counter Strike is for me the best game to fully shhow my potential. I am 18, 100% dedicated to video games. My skills are unique, I am seeking for a profesional team right now.


I train 5 days a week, here is a typical session:


30 min per day

Ideal for warming up and sharpening my skills, this challenge is great to get used to my mouse expecially wrist moves and small adjustments.
I use Aim Botz map (Peek/spray walls, to practice peeking shots, Sound practice test, a target pops up somewhere with a fire sound like a jedi, Moving bots, you can turn this on or off, ...)


10 to 15 min per day

Spray/recoil control is a big part of improving and becoming better in Counter-Strike. This often causes the shooter to sway away from their intended target after the first shot due to the momentum "kicking" the shooter's aim. So by training it, I improve my aim and basic refexes.
I use Recoil Master map (Ghosthairs/spraypatterns for all weapons, Twenty different ranges to shoot from, Bullet time, slow down the time with a press of a button,...)


About 6 hours per day

I play ranked alone or with premade. Even if I am on ranked games, I still challenge myself on special training objectives like always playing the same role, or with the same weapon, working a special path... my community is also here to advice me if necessary to to give me special challenges.


1 hour per day

When the day ends and the servers are full of noobies, I prefer to play in a more relaxed way. This is the moment for me to take the time to answer more carefully to my community on Stream. I can also team up with viewers or play custom games with the community.


Apart from being a pro gamer and streamer 5 days a week, I reserve one day a week (usually on Thursdays) to do my physical training. It is also that day when I manage what concerns my company and all the administrative paperwork. In the evening, I still play a few hours to keep in touch with my community.
Every time a CS:GO tournament takes place (ESL, Dreamhack, ESWC,...), I take the time to analyze the performance of professional players. I even take bets on the eSport, and I often win because I am passionate about the international scene.

Monday is usually a day of rest for me, but in the evening I like to meet my community.


With peaks at 15,000 viewers, I plan to create live encounters with my community and create a LAN with motivated people and other CS:GO players. An event is planned at the end of the year, I hope the gamers will be there!


  • K/D Ratio: 1.69
  • Accuracy: 27.6% (26.11% with AK47, 42.04% with AWP, 38.63 with deagle)
  • Headshots: 61.7%
  • Wins: 54.9%